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Now Available: Ivy Linden and the Treasure of Skull Island

I’m excited to share that my new novel, Ivy Linden and the Treasure of Skull Island, is now available in paperback and ebook formats! Set in 1938, it’s the first book of a series about the adventures of intrepid ethnobotanist Ivy Linden.

Cornell University ethnobotany professor Ivy Linden embarks upon an unexpected odyssey when she leaves her home in Ithaca, New York on an unplanned plant collecting expedition to Malaya. Her botanical journey becomes more perplexing and perilous as she realizes she’s not the only one searching for a mysterious plant, taking her to far-flung locales like Singapore and the Solomon Islands. Can Ivy and her friends complete their fateful mission before it's too late?

It’s a high-flying, plant-based adventure!

To find the book in a store online, please follow this link:

Additional local (NY Capital Region) and online retail options are currently in the works, as well as distribution to library lending apps like Hoopla, so you can read with your library card.

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